Termite Inspection

Termite Control & Termite Exterminating Services for:

  • Certified termite and wood destroying insect inspection services
  • Certified termite and WDI inspections for HUD / FHA / VA
  • Proper legal certification forms for HUD / FHA / VA included with all Wood Destroying Insect inspections
  • Home purchase or refinance termite and WDI inspections
  • Delivery of the inspection report to Title and Escrow Companys
  • State Licensed Certified and Insured Termite Inspectors
  • Fast one day service available

Termite Inspection & Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Services

Termites cause over 5 billion dollars in damage annually to property in the United States. The cost of a termite inspection is minimal compared to the amount you have invested in a property, and the amount of damage a termite infestation can cause. Homeowners insurance will help recover losses from fire, storms, and other acts of nature, but it is impossible to carry insurance against termite infestation.

For this reason, Residential and Commercial real estate contracts, HUD, FHA, and VA mortgage lenders, and home inspectors, require or recommend a Wood Destroying Insect Report - WDI report.

This report may also be referred to as a Termite Inspection, Wood-Boring Insect Inspection or WDI inspection. Wood Destroying Insects include Subterranean Termites, Carpenter Ants, Powder Post Beetles and Carpenter Bees.
A Wood Destroying Insect Report for a real estate purchase is a visual inspection of the readily accessible areas of the property and does not include any dismantling, moving or removing of any structures.

Wood destroying insect reports ( WDI's or Termite Reports ) are issued on the industry standard form NPMA-33 accepted by all lending institutions in our service area.

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